COACH 104 hours - Accredited course

COACH 104 hours - Accredited course

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The course is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, issued accreditation number: POA:3390/2019/106/1.
The internationally certified training in coaching, approved by ICF as ACSTH/Approved Coach Specific Training Hours/.

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12 dní
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Cena s DPH:
3075 €
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2562.5 €

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The course is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, issued accreditation number: POA:3390/2014/93/1.
The internationally certified training in coaching, approved by ICF as ACSTH/Approved Coach Specific Training Hours/.
  • Bratislava 13.3.-27.6.2020 - semestral / 6x2days, 8-16 hod.
    Bratislava 20.3.-31.03.2020 - intensive / 12 days, 8-16 hod.
    Banská Bystrica 18.4.-29.4.2020 - intensive / 12 days, 8-16 hod.
    Košice 18.5.-29.5.2020 - intensive / 12 days, 8-16 hod.
    Bratislava 12.6.-23.6.2020 - intensive / 12 days, 8-16 hod.
Accreditation by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic
  • The course KOUČ 104 hours is accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic since 2014; issued accreditation number: POA:3390/2014/93/1.
  • By successful completion of the course a person is entitled to coach throughout the territory of the Slovak Republic.
International certification International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • The course KOUČ 104 hours is an internationally certified training in coaching and approved by the International Coach Federation ICF as Approved Coach Specific Training Hours/ACSTH.
  • Successful completion of the course authorises to perform couching on the international level.
  • Possibility to obtain an additional ICF certificate even in the case of an already completed accredited course KOUČ, which did not include an international certificate.
Participants obtain
  • Certificate of accredited educational program for further education completion issued by the Ministry
  • ICF Certificate with the possibility to obtain other international certificates:
Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
Master Certified Coach (MCC)
Professional Certified Coach (PCC).
A participant of the educational program will acquire knowledge related to the theory and methodology of coaching to the extent, that he/she will be able to prepare and perform effective couching sessions on their own. He/she can identify the key points of a process and a goal in order to be applicable and answering to real needs, to be topical, comprehensible and personalized. He/she can define the expected qualitative and quantitative results of the coaching process. He/she is familiar with instruments of personality diagnostics, with ethical code, history and coaching specifics. He/she will acquire competencies regarding active listening and effective communication. He/she can define methods of team improvement and knows how to persuade a person based on trust. He/she is capable of self-reflection within the coaching process.


"Professional coaching is based on a professional, longer or shorter relationship which helps people achieve extraordinary results in their personal or work life, in their company or organization. During the coaching process, clients deepen their ability to learn (from their own experience), increase their performance and improve the quality of their lives.
Direction of a conversation during each session is determined by a client, whereas a coach is listening to him/her and contributes with his/her observations and questions. Such interaction brings clarity and helps the client start acting. Coaching also speeds up the client's progress by making the client more focused and responsible when realizing a problem and selecting its solution. Coaching focuses on where the client currently is and what he is willing to do, so he can get where he wants in the future. This is why the ICF members - professional coaches and coaches in the certification process, also the ICF members believe that all the results achieved are attained because of the client’s intentions, choices and acting, supported by effort of the coach and by using the coaching process (ICF definition)."
  • Coaches, people with leadership positions, directors, managers, HR, human resources specialists, human resources officers, company owners, managing directors, sole traders, persons registered at the Labour Office, women on maternity leave, medical staff members, welfare officers, trainers, consultants, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, teachers etc.
  • For achieving coach qualifications.
  • For personal development.
  • For improving qualifications of other professions.
  • The course lasts 104 hours, while 70% of the course is practical and 30% theoretical.
  • By voucher for primary practical course specialization you will quickly achieve coaching competencies and you can start coaching immediately after the course completion.
  • During the training period when performing coaching practice, participants are under the supervision of the instructor every day.
  • Topics:
History of couching / VIP- Timothy Gallwey / GROW- John Whitmore / Definition of couching / Various coaching institutes / Brief coaching - Peter Szabó / Solution focused coaching / Self coaching / RESULTS COACHING Anthony Robbins / Other coaching institutes / Goal - positive, active, ethical / Coach and other professions / Key competencies of a professional coach according to ICF - 11 competencies of a coach / Ethical principles and ethical code / The coaching process / Drawing up a coaching contract / Coaching conversation / Structure of a coaching conversation / Active and passive language / Communication channels / Effective communication / Strong question / Map of a client / Simple and advanced methods for individual coaching / Basic methods for business coaching / Practical exhibitions of coaching / Goal setting / Viktor Frankl / Claude Steiner / Relationship, partnership between coach and client/ Monitoring process and responsibility of a coach / Role and responsibility of a client / Coaching itself - presence of a coach / Key characteristics of a coach / Personality of a coach / Personality of a client

  • Completed secondary education of the participant.
  • The course is full-time.
  • The course is in the Slovak language.
  • The minimum number of participants is 5.
  • The final exam will take place on the last day (11th day) in front of the commission composed of 3 members.
  • The exam consists of 2 parts:
1. written part / open-ended questions
2. oral part / coaching conversation
We recommend to set aside an unlimited period of time on the exam day, since its ending depends on the number of participants.

1. Application
- The signed original or scanned application form via email; we will send you an application form
2. GDPR – personal data protection
  • The link for completion will be send to you via email.
3. Persons participating via a Labour Office project (e.g. REPAS+), must also submit the following:
  • The confirmation of the provided retraining allowance – 1x original document.
  • The confirmation of the retraining provider – 1x (2x) – original document.
  • Notification of retraining course commencement – 1x original document
Service address:
  • Power Coaching, s.r.o., Mierová 56, 821 05 Bratislava.
  • Power Coaching s.r.o. / Educational institution and coaching advisory centre
  • Power Coaching offers courses, trainings, practices, lectures, motivational meetings, workshops, individual couching, life coaching, executive coaching, business coaching, mentoring, personality diagnostics, GPOP, 360 degrees feedback etc.
  • Expert guarantor and trainer:
Mgr. Silvia Langermann, ACC /guarantor, trainer, psychologist, coach, mentor, supervisor, founder of the educational and couching advisory centre Power Coaching
Mgr. Silvia Gallová, PCC /trainer, coach, mentor, mediator, supervisor/

  • 4100 Euro including VAT / 104 hours
  • 25 % and 15% discount: 
Bratislava: 13.3.-27.6.20 a 20.3.-31.3.20 - 25% until 15.01.2020, 15% until 15.02.2020
Banská Bystrica: 18.4.-29.4.20 - 25% until 15.02.2020, 15% until 15.03.2020
Košice: 18.5.-29.5.20 - 25% until 15.03.2020, 15% until 15.04.2020
Bratislava: 12.6.-23.6.20 - 25% until 15.04.2020, 15% until 15.05.2020
  • 30% discount for psychology students - 2870 Euro including DPH
  • the possibility of reimbursement by means of an ongoing project of the Labour Office - REPAS, REPAS+, KOMPAS+
  • the possibility to obtain some financial contribution by the means of the Labour Office
  • Approx. 70% discount for applicants registered with the Labour Office at the time when the course takes place, in case of the reimbursement disapproval via a Labour Office project - 1260,48 Euro including VAT
  • Certificate by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic
  • ICF certificate/International Coach Federation
  • Possibility to repeat (1x) the course within 1 years after its completion
  • 1x mentoring
  • Handbook
  • Writing implements, notepad, tools
  • Refreshments
    In case of non-participation or cancellation, the total sum paid remains as a credit, which entire amount can be used at Power Coaching by the client in accordance with the general sales terms and conditions. If the course is cancelled by the organizer, the entire amount of money will be refunded to the client


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