Sale strategy

Duration: 2 days (16 hours)
Group size: up to 5-12 participants

Competition in today’s markets is increasing. Not only keeping the current but also attracting new customers to develop our business become bigger and bigger challenge. Buyers are more demanding – they insist on better prices, higher quality, faster deliveries and more complex service. Seller have to be alert to every change in the competitive situation and be able to quickly identify and seize new opportunities.

Intention of the course:
Develop knowledge, skills and attitudes of sellers so that they look at each business situation as skilled professionals oriented on customers with intention to enter into mutually beneficial trade. Moreover, to help understand the factors that push a single business opportunity in the plane of the long-term relationship with the client. The expected outcome of this program is the increase of the volume of completed transactions and the improvement of self-esteem and self-motivation.

The Graduates will:

  • understand the stages of the sale process and how to be in each of them effective
  • learn how to find new customers
  • effectively manage the “Purchase” process
  • obtain the image of devotee, customer-oriented problem solvers
  • provide special targets for each business meeting
  • develop the skills to respond to objections and enter into business – will know how to reduce stress ( yours and customer’s) during the presentations
  • understand why people buy – and how to help them buy
  • learn how to sell to individuals as well as to groups
  • develop their self-motivation skills

Throughout a few weeks from start of the course (Sometimes throughout a few days) you will see the results as: more made trade negotiations, more closed transactions, more orders, greater customer satisfaction. These all are the results that can be measured in Crowns and increasing profits. Plus your sellers will be more confident,
more motivated and more committed to their career and to achieving improved results.

Key Topics
Sale strategy is divided into five major parts. It covers much more than only management of effective business presentations. It provides a complex systematic approach to the sales process. Systematic steps are:

  1. Research
    Sellers learn how to increase the percentage of seeking new customers and how to make more new businesses by focusing on “high-potential customers” – and learn how to make an appointment easily.
  2. Planning, preparation and time management
    Participants will learn that planning is the first priority of a professional, and that they have to set the action goals at every business meeting. They will learn why people buy and do not buy and how the most effectively present yourself, your product and services; also how the most effectivly use time by organization of opportunities according to their priority and by organization of your activities.
  3. Effective trade presentation
    • a. Creating a relationship
      Sellers learn how to use four simple steps to “sell” and gain a trust in the eyes of potential customers. And by this way built mutually beneficial relationship and gaining more willing customer.
    • b. Asking questions
      Develop the ability to probe and ask questions so you really understand what the customer wants and needs. Plus sellers learn how to increase the feeling of “need and volition” – before they will try to “sell”. In addition, they will develop three specific listening skills of facts and feelings.
    • c. Offering
      The key skills to learn here is to identify and present those solutions, advantages and benefits which the potentional customer will accept the most.
    • d. Promoting
      Sellers will learn how to assess the readiness of customers to buy through experimental conclusion and verbal and nonverbal signals. The most important is to develop a skill to support the customer when he will have doubts, fears and concerns. In addition, you develop the ability to transform objections to questions, respond to these questions and enter into business.
    • e. Conclusion
      Sellers will learn the best seven methods of concluding trade with minimizing the stress. These skills will increase their confidence and self-esteem and will reduced the level of stress that they will experienced at the same time.
    • f. Additional content
      The course also includes “how to sell to groups”, preparing of the “winning bids” and much more.
  4. Efforts to obtain customer after the first contact
    The trade is not always closed out after the first contact. In this section, sellers learn how ensure progress which will in the future lead to the establishment of trade and how to do it in a way that builds long-term business relationship. They will learn also how to ask for references to other trades – in the same company or other companies.
  5. Personal goals for success and self-motivation
    Sellers are highly motivated when their objectives are clear and important. The course leads participants by the process of setting goals. They establish their personal goals and objectives for increasing business volume. Consequently, they will show more enthusiasm in relation to their careers and profession of seller and they will be more successful and self-motivated.

They may be new sellers or even those who have years of experience. For both groups the course will be a benefit due to the possibility of having a common professional business approach. If also the sales manager or head of sales attend the course it induces a team spirit – the result of which is the use of the same system, which helps a manager to lead his people well after the course with maximal results.

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