Self-knowledge: Personal preferences and stress management

Duration: 1-2 days
Group size: up to 5-12 participants

The content:

  • Presentation of Jung’s theory of personality
  • exploring of personal preferences
  • standardized report of your own personality profile
  • personality type – what it say and what not!
  • understanding to the dynamics of type
  • personality development throughout life
  • dynamic of types and career function
  • Self-knowledge – natural strengths and weaknesses
  • How to find a dream job besides work?
  • For me on what is good to work and what to avoid?
  • When the strengths can transform to the weaknesses?

Target audience:

  • HR
  • managers of teams
  • HR-managers
  • teams
  • individuals with an interest in personal development
  • individuals with an interest in professional development
  • Those interested in further courses on topics “Communication in the team”, “Stress management”, “Motivation of workers’

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