For whom is course Introduction to coaching?

Course Introduction to coaching -Solution focused coaching Self coaching is for all who are interested in the coaching, they want to find out what coaching really is and what is not, what it actually means to be a coach and as a coach. For those who want to learn how to coach yourself and others, or want to be a professional in this field. It is also designed for anyone who wants to better understand and know yourself and others, wants to learn how to communicate effectively and solve problems.

On the course you will learn to recognize coaching from other used methods, find out what the coach at work trying and what tools to use. The use of different instruments can also try out in practice. You will coach and coachee too, what is the best way to understand techniques, to find out how you are going and how you feel in them. After the course you will be able to use these tools and you will be able to coach yourself and others. By obtaining information you better know yourself, your personality, motives and goals. Become aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you will be able to understand and predict the possible intentions of your behavior that will help to prevent misunderstandings and conflicts. Also you will be able to better estimate the kind of people, you will be able to adapt your communication situations and learn to effectively solve problems.

Everything that you learn will help you to improve your personal and professional life. That you are better able to communicate with people and solve problems, and be more confident and courageous. The fact that you know better yourself, will help you in choosing the suitable way of life and opens the door of new opportunities that previously may only want not to see. Course Introduction to coaching you can influence only in a positive and rewarding direction, whether you decide to continue coaching given full or not.

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